Jnr Service Now Software Engineer - Sydney, NSW

Jnr Service Now Software Engineer - Sydney, NSW

Position Summary


The Junior SNOW Software Engineer role works alongside the SNOW development team responsible for the development, maintenance and operational support of the Service Management systems(primarily Service Now) that power the Group Service Management function. They will be involved at all stages of the software delivery lifecycle, solving customer or business problems through innovation and application of best practice software development techniques, including agile and lean thinking.



Key Responsibilities


Software design and implementation

  • Building software that is well-designed and fit for purpose in the SNOW environment
  • Applying patterns, techniques and approaches that ensure high-quality, highly flexible software solutions in the SNOW environment
  • Domain modelling where appropriate
  • Review SNOW code to provide feedback on design, readability, and watch for security issues
  • Contributes to technical decision making within the Service Management team



  • Automating tests at all levels (acceptance, functional, integration, unit)
  • Reviewing code to ensure it is appropriately tested
  • Exploratory testing to search for edge cases and unanticipated scenarios


Agile software delivery

  • Facilitating discussions with customers or stakeholders to identify requirements.
  • Breaking down project work into user stories. Identifying acceptance criteria to measure successful completion of the work.
  • Responsible for their own time management and flagging when things are likely to take longer than expected.



  • Implementation of secure code practices
  • Awareness of security landscape including uses of frameworks and libraries
  • Ensure PI and other sensitive data remains consistent with our GDPR responsibilities



  • Self-motivated in learning from the general development community and along with formal company programs
  • Be part of the community and other peer group activities



Major Challenges/Critical Success Factor



  1. Developing an understanding of the SNOW tool at developer level


Critical Success Factors

  1. Assist in development of SNOW based solutions



Essential Skills/Qualification Required


  • Entry level competency in one or more programming language
  • Awareness of other front-end languages, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Awareness of other server-side programming language(s), such as Java, C#, Node.js, Go, Ruby.
  • Entry level experience in automated testing tools and libraries
  • Entry level knowledge of SQL database and other data store variants, such as PostgresQL, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • Cloud computing platform(s) and tools



This role will amount to $60,000 plus super for a Graduate working full time for 12 months.



Foundation Job


Airline Company

Amount ($)

$60,000 PLUS superannuation

Undergrad or Postgrad


Length (M)

12 months

Working hours

Full Time

Required Residency

Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident

Application closing date 


Expected start date



Sydney, NSW