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The Purpose of this page is to outline the roles and tasks of the ACS Foundation Team

Student Interns

Processing Applications

Daily Tasks:

· Check your Email Inbox and reply to enquires

· Do grading – Cognito, Indeed, ECA

· Check Info Inbox and reply to enquiries or forward remittance advices

· Add any new scholarship holders to new offers / extensions

· Chase up any paperwork that needs to be returned

· Recycle Applicants

Weekly Tasks:

· Do student Memberships

· Add Roles into AMS Database

· Add Scholarship Holders into AMS Database

· Sign up Students / Extend Memberships

· Update ROLES tab in Excel

· Distribute roles to career hub, grad connect, ECA, MIT, WSU, Indeed

· Update / Close roles that need to be taken down

· Update Roles Form on Cognito

· Look to see if any expired roles need to be re-posted / re-opened

· Send Jeremy Links to Current Roles to be put in ACSF Newsletter

· Send New Offers & Extensions to the accountant

Fortnightly Tasks:

· Send New Offers & Extensions to the accountant

· Update Closing Dates on Roles

· Check up on Scholarship Holders (Page 46 of Process Documentation)

· Send off BHP Updated Hours

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