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Foundation Jobs is a leading graduate specialist recruiting group that connects employers with skilled ICT graduates in Australia. Our focus is on helping undergraduate and post-graduate students find their first job. We offer permanent positions, contract roles, and temporary assignments across the private and public sectors. All Foundation Jobs are paid employment positions that meet Australia's Fair Work and relevant Award arrangements.

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Technology for Australia's Next Generation


Helping students plan their careers

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The Big Day In

Each year 7,000 students join a Big Day In Conference. Tech Startups and companies guide year 9-12 students to tomorrow's innovative jobs. The Junior program brings hands-on technology to students in years 4-6.

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Technology Career Wheel

The STEM Career Wheel is a compass for students to learn more about emerging careers. 40 graduates describe their technology career journey. Plot your pathway on the career map from school to degree to employment. 

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Scholarships & Internships

Since, 2001, we've prepared the way for students to build vibrant STEM careers.  We create financial scholarships and internships to showcase Australia's top technical talent and support the future of our technology industry.

STEM Career Pathways
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